Custom Pendulum Boards




CUSTOM Laser Engraved Pendulum Boards…

That’s right … your design on 1/8th inch matt black acrylic. The process of laser engraving these boards is different than other laser methods where the material is etched away. The Get Haunted method actually changes the composition of the material to create a white, slightly raised image. This image will not fade and is much easier to see than traditional laser engraving on wood methods.

These boards are perfect for teams, as gifts, or if you have a vision for your own unique board.

Artwork needs to be reasonably suitable for laser engraving. That equates to it being a vector image – not raster.

We can help convert your artwork if needed but if it is very complex, we may need to charge for the time required to prepare the artwork.

Your fonts, your images, your vision! We can even do photos.


NOTE: White on black requires some logic when designing your artwork – think of a negative image. These are MADE TO ORDER.


If you have questions, please reach out. Bulk discounts are available.


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