Just Brew It with P.A.R.A.normal

Join the team on January 7th, 2023 for the first episode of our interactive podcast Just Brew It with P.A.R.A.normal. These episodes aired monthly at various locations around the country will take the viewer onan interactive journey. Join the team at notoriously haunted locations. You can be apart of the investigation and lead the team around the location directing them on what you want to see them do!

Hosted by Taryn Kerper at Paranormal Brew these episodes will air on several platforms exclusively.

On January 7th, the team is at a former crematorium located outside of Pittsburg. The building has been repurposed as a construction company headquarters BUT the spirits there are still eager to interact with visitors to the location.
Join the team and Taryn once more for P.A.R.A.normal Hangover with the Brew as we discuss the aftermath of the investigation. Special guest call ins, the hosts perspective and evidence highlight reels. You don’t want to miss these limited series events!

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Join the team at P.A.R.A.NORMAL for an interactive experience. The team goes live on location with hosts and team members Marlena Beers and Skye March and moderators Alex and Greg Rothberg from the podcast ANYTHING GOES in the rear directing them with your requests! Be an integral part of the investigations…. make suggestions and direct experiments and feel like you are on site with the crew at P.A.R.A.NORMAL. Special guest call-ins and on site partnerships will keep you guessing throughout this series….Get Real. Go live. Get Raw with P.A.R.A.NORMAL.

P.A.R.A. RAW Recap:

Join the team and special guests as they discuss highlights from their PARA Raw live feeds. Watch bloopers, reexamine evidence collected on the live feed and share your thoughts on the investigation.
Join your hosts Skye March and Seth Patterson as they host a hilariously candid examination of evidence collected by the team at P.A.R.A. Give your feedback about what YOU think is paranormal, what is questionable and what is downright DEBUNKED! Special guests join us all season long for an entertaining, objective- perspective, skepticism-filled vodcast series.