“At P.A.R.A. our parascience team believes true knowledge lies in the premise we truly know nothing . Our paranormal investigators are dedicated to honest paranormal research. We use science and metaphysics to uncover what lies beyond the veil. Join us live for investigations as we navigate the afterlife at venues all over the world.”


Laurissa Rex is the one of the founders of HSPP. After serving in the US Army as a Signal Corps Officer, Laurissa retired to rural Pennsylvania with her family to establish HIGH SPIRITS OF PALMERTON PARANORMAL, LLC. Laurissa used her M.B.A. from her studies at University of West Virginia to establish Third Eye Event Productions. After two years of trial and error in the paranormal field and a change of direction for the research team Laurissa rebranded HSPP to P.A.R.A.NORMAL (Palmerton Area Research Alliance).

Natalie Jones is co-founder and President & CEO of PARAFlixx, Inc., PARAFlixx paranormal+, a universal streaming network platform for original and licensed productions of the Paranormal, Supernatural, Horror, Universe & Beyond, and then some.

Natalie is founder/owner of US Paracon, Texas Paracon, L.L.C. She is also Creator and Owner of The Haunted Psychomanteum, a haunted antiques museum with an elevated approach to ITC, coming to Dallas, TX soon. In the meantime, The Haunted Psychomanteum: OMNIPRESENT is a production which is a 6-part series released early 2021, available only on PARAFlixx paranormal+, and produced by Strange Goat Media. Natalie is co-owner and founder of Strange Goat Media, LLC alongside business partner, and PARAFlixx Inc. Executive Producer, Mike Hatcher.
Natalie Jones is a metaphysical lecturer and also Creator and Paranormal Navigator of Ghosthunter Girls. Natalie is also published author of Awaken the Higher Self: Bringing Darkness to Light (BMK Publishing). The Little Secret Book of Life coming soon. She is a Reiki Master and has spent her life preparing for a calling and soul mission to help others as a Dark Energy Healing Facilitator through working with and understanding different energies with a universal approach, teaching healing from within, and holds the Melchizedek priesthood to give blessings.
Natalie Jones is currently in the doctoral program at the University of Sedona, Doctor of Metaphysical Science, Msc.D., with continuing Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., specializing in Conscious-Centered Living. She teaches at University Magickus, an esoteric mystery school, as a way to expand her metaphysical knowledge and help others on their highest path and healing journey. She is also a member of the Texas chapter of The Dominion Ministry, founded by demonologist James Annitto, as an investigator. Natalie is a seasoned and dedicated yoga practitioner to further connection to mind, body & soul, which helps her to stay grounded in her spiritual work.


Social media

Facebook: @officialnataliejones @paraflixx @paraflixxparanormalplus Instagram: @realnataliejones @ghosthunter_girls @paraflixx @paranormalplus Twitter: @officialnatGG @paraflixx @paranormal_plus @ghosthuntrgirls GETTR: @nataliejones @ghosthuntergirl @paraflixx @paranormalplus TikTok: @ghosthuntergirls @paraflixxparanormalplus Awaken the Higher Self Series: Creating From Within This basic workshop presents the process to heal from within, reconnect with the higher self, and create a life aligned with our highest path. A journey to identify purpose through resonating desires and identify any lower energies or general dark influence creating blocks. Welcome to the start of your new life.
Sam Baltrusis, author of “Ghosts of Salem” and featured in “The Curse of Lizzie Borden” shock doc, has penned more than a dozen paranormal-themed books including “Mass Murders” and “Related to Evil.” He has been featured on several national TV shows including the Travel Channel’s “A Haunting,” “Most Terrifying Places,” “Haunted Towns,” and “Haunted USA”. He recently made a cameo in the documentaries “The House in Between 2” and on several television programs including “Paranormal Nightshift,” “Most Terrifying with Jason Hawes,” and “Forbidden History.” He also appeared in “Fright Club” (1 & 2) with the Ghost Brothers and Jack Osbourne on Discovery+. Visit SamBaltrusis.com for more information.
Dave investigates and helps resolve extreme hauntings and cases of demonic activity. He also does consultations with independent investigators and groups when they need assistance on a negative case. He is an ordained member of the clergy and because of this calling he also performs deliverances and exorcisms when deemed necessary. From the age of 3 until the day he moved out years later, Dave was the center of a haunting in his childhood home in New Jersey. The activity ranged from typical haunting activity to a 3-year period where the activity in the home became demonic. He spent his early years terrified of what was going on in his home but as he got older, he became a voracious reader of anything on the topic of supernatural phenomena in a search for answers for what he was experiencing. With the help of people experienced in this supernatural realm, he eventually understood more about what he was experiencing. He has worked with and learned from some of the top people in the demonology field. His focus is to help anyone who is scared of any paranormal situation and provide hope to those in extreme situations. Dave is also a sensitive and can see, feel and discern spirits

Dave has been investigating haunted locations, consulting on cases and helping people for over 36 years. In 1994, he created the Internet’s first paranormal website with a specific focus on ghosts and other paranormal phenomena. He created The Shadowlands as a safe haven for people to share their experiences with spirit activity and to seek comfort along with advice. He also created Ghost Hunting 101 ® which still is a free resource for people looking for free information on how conduct safe and effective ghost research. He has personally trained hundreds of people how to responsibly and safely investigate haunted locations via Ghost Hunting 101® classes and SJGR training classes.

Dave has been a director of South Jersey Ghost Research and Sanctuary Paranormal for 24 years. Sanctuary Paranormal is Dave’s resolution based team that deals with negative cases. They investigate and help people reporting negative activity in their homes or businesses. He specializes in problematic, intense, negative and demonic hauntings. Dave is what is commonly referred to as a “demonologist” (although he doesn’t like that title). He has firsthand experience with cases including deliverances and exorcisms as well as his own personal encounters. He is the author of ‘Positive Energy for Haunted Homes’, ‘Ghost Research 101: Investigating Haunted Homes’, ‘Armor of God’ and ‘GhostHunting101.com’ plus numerous articles posted on The Shadowlands website. He is available to assist other people and teams who need help with a particular case or situation.
Dave now resides in Philadelphia, PA with his wife Michelle. He owns The GhostHunter Store ® store which was the very first store selling paranormal and ghost hunting items. They also carry metaphysical and religious items. They were the first to have brick and mortar stores in Mount Holly NJ, Burlington NJ and Gettysburg, PA. Haunted Explorations Events is their event company that host public ghost hunts and paranormal expos. His background is in law enforcement and private security. He is a graduate of the Cape May County Police Academy and majored in History and World Religions at Camden County College.
Dave has appeared on various shows on The History Channel, Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, National Geographic Channel and many other TV, magazines, books and radio shows. He was a cast member of the TV show Ghost Detectives seen on Fox and the CW. He lectures at events and conferences all over the country on a wide variety of topics from ghost hunting basics to demonology.
If you need help with a case, you can message him directly on Facebook or email Dave at DJ@dave-juliano.com If you’d like to book him for an event, lecture or class please contact him via Facebook

Laurissa Rex is the one of the founders of HSPP. After serving in the US Army as a Signal Corps Officer, Laurissa retired to rural Pennsylvania with her family to establish  HIGH SPIRITS OF PALMERTON PARANORMAL, LLC.  Laurissa used her M.B.A. from her studies at University of West Virginia to establish Third Eye Event Productions.  After two years of trial and error in the paranormal field and a change of direction for the research team Laurissa rebranded HSPP to P.A.R.A.NORMAL (Palmerton Area Research Alliance).

Laurissa is the group’s primary lead psychic medium.  The organization runs their team with a military flair. The lead psychic mediums and the lead investigators are teamed up to apply the most current methods of paranormal research both scientifically and metaphysically to any environment they investigate. 

Laurissa  possesses all 5 psychic abilities. She has a keen sense particularly for  clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance.  She also is very adept at practicing psychometry and automatic writing.  Laurissa believes in the science of paranormal research as well as the metaphysical aspects. She relies upon the investigation team to aid her and other psychic mediums in corroborating readings with scientific evidence. 

Laurissa is a mother to 4 children; 3 of whom are also investigators.  Her daughters are both mediums as well. 

Allen Rex is the team’s co-founder. He is a USMC veteran and HSPP’s Primary Lead Investigator.  Allen,  who works primarily with Laurissa to lead team A on investigations.  He is the primary person responsible for equipment prep and keeping the team focused and engaged in their roles during an investigation.  He is also an adept craftsman who is known to build pioneering hardware to make the transport and  use of paranormal equipment easier for the team.  His leadership is efficient, effective and often leads to a wide variety of evidence at investigations.

Allen’s favorite places to investigate are at Trans Allegheny Asylum (Weston State Hospital) and the Waldorf Estate of Fear.  He had his most physical experience at the Shanley Hotel.  Allen would love to investigate one day at Eastern State Penitentiary and Missouri State Penitentiary.

When Allen is not investigating, he is enjoying his day job and traveling wherever the path takes him.   He also likes many outdoor activities and watching his favorite sports teams.


Theo, Lead Investigator for HSPP, never believed in ghosts until he came face to face with one. He has been a paranormal investigator for 32 years. His interest is especially peaked by the “other side.” His first paranormal experience was when he was 10 and he saw his friend’s uncle in her kitchen; only to find out he had passed three years earlier. His favorite place to investigate is Pennhurst State School. The location that scared him the most was The Waldorf Hotel where he had a negative physical experience. The top location on his wish list is the Skinwalker Ranch in Nevada. When Theo isn’t on investigations, you can find him spending time with his friends, reading or listening to music. Theo also like to spend time outdoors and with his brother Stephen.

Skye March , Lead Investigator, Podcast Host as well as Social Media Manager for HSPP, has 3 strong psychic abilities which are Clairsentience, Claircognizance and Clairaudience. Still learning the ropes, she practices with tarot, oracle and the pendulum. Her interest in the paranormal peaked at a very young age with her family owning a business located in a haunted location. Skye has previously worked in the medical and psychology/behavioral field but has recently switched to education. She loves traveling and investigating with with the team.

Marlena Beers, Lead Psychic and Senior Case Manager for HSPP, has been a paranormal investigator for a year. She is a psychic and chaos magician. She has been interested in the paranormal for years, ever since she saw a spirit floating above her when she was 9…her favourite place I she has investigated is Pennhurst. She loves making healing herbs and protective herbs, and on her days off you can find her researching different religions and herbs. Marlena also practices tarot.

Jason Beers has been investigating with the team. He loves watching documentaries on hauntings and paranormal investigations. Jason has wanted to go on a paranormal investigation for as long as he can remember. His hobbies include volunteer fire fighting , scaring the life out of people as a haunter, and of course always loves to jump scare his family ,aka kids and wife.

Duckie Reese a.k.a. “Darkwing Duck”, I has been actively investigating since 25 years old. He became interested in the paranormal when he witnessed a full body apparition in his home at the age of 17. His favorite place he has investigated is Pennhurst State School and Hospital. hearing phantom footsteps followed by a steal door slamming repeatedly at the school unsettled him the most during an investigation. Duckie aspires to investigate Eastern State Penitentiary, Loretta Lynn Plantation and Poveglia. Aside from investigating, Duckie is a huge nerd and he loves collecting old/new video games and handheld games, and he wants to be a video game historian.

Brittany has been a paranormal investigator for a year. Brittany was nine years old when she had her first paranormal experience. She resided next to a funeral home and crematory and she would often see an apparition of a woman appear on the roof of her home in addition to experiencing shadows in her room. Her favorite place she has investigated is Pennhurst State School, and it was also the most frightening. The Winchester Mystery House is at the top of Brittany’s wish list for a future investigation. When Brittany is not investigating she enjoys spending time with family and friends, going for hikes, and going to concerts.

Keith Snyder is a proud veteran of the U.S. Army. He has been actively investigating paranormal cases for over 5 years. His interest in the paranormal reaches back to his earliest childhood. In fact, he performed his first investigation nearly 40-years ago.

Being a healthy skeptic, Keith stives to prove or disprove the existence of paranormal activity through the collection and analysis of audio and video evidence and real-time environmental measurements. His goal is to draw a direct correlation between paranormal activity and measurable environmental changes.

Keith has extensive knowledge in paranormal theories, the basic laws of physics, and potential psychological, physical, and natural and man-made environmental explanations for alleged activity.  Keith has studied Demonology with a respected Demonologist, and has acquired a working knowledge of Occultic, Satanic and Witchcraft symbols and their meanings.

While he has a passion to explore the unknown, his greatest desire is to offer help to living / and or departed souls in need.  When not investigating, Keith enjoys time with his family and being outdoors.